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Why Use A Slinger Service?

The O’Dell Difference

At its core what we do here is very simple — we make sure materials, aggregates, soil and more are moved from where they are to where you need them to be, in order to finish your construction job. But, just because what we do seems simple, doesn’t mean it’s an easy task.

slinger truck

Don’t Get Stuck In Manual

For those who don’t know what they’re doing, moving construction materials can be a real backbreaker. If you’re attempting to manually fill a foundation with a dump truck, you’re simply going to be piling on costs and time, with excavators, multiple labourers, and countless manhours.

Not only that, but it will also leave behind contaminated soil that will cause real problems going forward. Renting a slinger machine and hiring one of our trained professionals instead cuts the job down to size and makes the project much easier to manage — without leaving behind piles of debris and material.

Using a slinger prevents the need to dump piles on the ground, road or existing landscape.

Smart Slinging

A smart contractor will delegate. But an even smarter contractor will delegate well. If you need materials moved, things can quickly become inefficient and costly. By the time you’ve rented out an excavator, suitable labour, a bobcat, and potentially a rented slinger machine, the costs will very quickly begin to add up.

We offer one cost for one job, with professional slinger machine operators who get that job done to an exceptionally high standard.

delivering material indoors

The O’Dell Difference - Training and Expertise

The work we do here only seems easy because we make it look that way. We have training, expertise, and skill that go beyond our competitors. It’s not just loading up a truck and slinging some rocks.

There are so many ways that things can go wrong. Take a breakdown or a fault in the machinery; if your slinger operator hasn’t taken the time to really get to grips with their machine, if they don’t have the working knowledge needed to maintain their vehicle (and many don’t) then you're looking at costly repairs and delays.

The trucks can be very finicky beasts, and you have to have a whole shop full of parts to ensure that you are running every day.

Our slinger machine operators undergo an extensive 6-8-week training program that includes vehicle repair and maintenance. Our operators know their vehicle, and know-how to repair it, and do regular vital maintenance. This means little or no time is spent wasted waiting for the vehicle, and the slinging can get done.