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O’Dell Slinger Services

foundation slinging

Foundation Fills

Our foundation filling services offer a cost-effective alternative to the daunting prospect of hiring an excavator, dump truck, and multiple labourers. These fills can be used to place sand, road base, recycled concrete, or any inorganic aggregate less than 3” in diameter.

preparing back lawn

Lawn Preparation

If you’re looking for a level and flawless lawn without potholes and low spots, or you need an area sloped towards a drainage ditch, we can place sand and lawn soil for you.

moving landscaping materials around garage


Landscaping invariably involves moving significant amounts of material. Whether that’s: sand, lawn soil, garden soil, compost, bark, mulch, decorative rock, or pathway screenings, we can take care of it with minimal fuss and precision.

filling long trench

Trench Fill

Our trench filling services are efficient and clean, removing sand, clear crush, and drain rock without any of the leftover piles you’d get with a dump truck.

prepping ground for back patio


When it comes to patios, we’re able to transport sand, road base, and pathway screening across hard to reach areas. Do you need multiple patios done? No problem, we can take care of that without unseemly and hard to move piles of mess being left across the job site.

a dirt septic field

Septic Fields

Septic Fields often require slinging material to hard to reach areas, for us is this isn’t a problem. We can take care of sand, C33 sand, pea gravel, and lawn soil with ease.

drain tile around foundation

Drain Tile

Transporting the drain rock or clear crush you need to be moved for your draining project is an inefficient solution. Instead, we can sling it with ease, often needing no more than one load to take care of all the perimeter drains on a standard size house.