Serving Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands

O’Dell Slinger Machine Fleet

We’re always finding new ways to deliver the best results for you.

When it comes to our fleet of trucks we’re always looking for the next big thing! If there’s a new innovation or feature that will help us get your material from A to B with ease, you can be sure we’re looking into it.

That's why we're excited about remote control operation as well as remote control ground drive when it comes to slinging.

two slinger trucks and a driver

With remote control we can:

  • Speed up the slinging process, meaning greater efficiency that saves both time and money
  • Let our operators walk the land and survey their surroundings, operating vehicles remotely to access hard to reach spots and find the best way to move your materials
  • Keep labour costs low by removing the need for multiple operators

Whether it's the addition of remote control ground drive operation to our trucks (we are the only company on Vancouver Island to offer this service) or the latest addition to our fleet, the mighty and effective CanAmerican’s Soil King Extreme, we’re always finding new ways to deliver the best results for you.

Our impressive fleet includes:

  • 4 Soil King Original Tandem Slingers
  • 3 Soil King Extreme Tandem Slingers
  • Tandem Axle Dumptruck
  • Quad Axle trailer
slinger truck from below