Victoria General Hospital

Victoria General Hospital We were called in to provide Slinger service for the new addition to the North side of Victoria General Hospital. Foundation work called for 37 truck loads of 1/4" road base which was delivered to the footings from the parking lot nearly 60' feet away. 15 truck loads of drain rock were slung around the perimeter and upon completion of construction, we delivered 15 truck loads of garden mix and 8 truck loads of bark mulch to landscaping crews to finish the project.

Water Features

Water Features Our combination of machinery and slinger trucks and experienced operators, make your ponds, fountains and water feature dreams a reality.

Drain Tile

Drain Tile Why slave away wheel-barrowing and shoveling drain rock on to your perimeter drains, when we can place it there for you!

Lawn Preparation

No more back breaking moving soil by wheel barrow, and levelling by rake.


Have a hard to reach patio? Sling your material there!

Septic Fields

Experienced and knowledgeable operators know what it takes to help your septic and drainage specialist get the job done!


Your vision and our skills help you get the garden of your dreams with minimal labour to you!