Welcome To ODellSlinger.com

O'Dell Slinger service will deliver and place your aggregates in minutes, eliminating additional costs for every project, large and small. With Slinger Service, you will save the cost of moving the material from one place to another eliminating the use of a backhoe, loader, bobcat or excavator.

Our unique conveyor belt literally launches rock, top soil, sand or bark mulch into the air, landing precisely where you want it. Our versatile slinger trucks can access steep slopes, sling material over barriers and spread material evenly for any landscaping or construction project.

To estimate how much material you require for your particular project, please feel free to use our handy calculator.

We cater to both homeowners and contractors alike, please contact us for prompt and reliable service, at the most competitive prices.

"It is almost a violation of the "O'Dell truck-operators code" to assist them with a shovel or a rake when they are unloading as they are able to place the soil as if it was raked."
-Oliver, Holland Avenue Nursery


  • Foundation Fills
  • Lawn Top Dressing
  • Landscaping
  • Trench Fill
  • Pool Decommission
  • Remote Material Placement
  • Septic Fields
  • Drain Tile


  • Mini Excavators
  • Skid Steer
  • Single Axle Dump
  • Tandem Slingers
  • Soil Slingers
  • Stone Slingers
  • Screener